Torrent File Direct Download

Many of us use bit torrent or U torrent software tools to download from different torrent sever.
We have to install extra software on our computer, and it takes a lot of time to download it from the server.

To solve this problem there is an online server that will download your desire data into its own server and from there you can directly download files at full speed.

Step 1:

To find your files, first, you need to search at the torrent Server. You will find almost all of your important files in This torrent server.
Step 2:

Once you search the file, You will find it's a different version. Now you can click your desire link.

Step 3:

After clicking on the link you will be shown several sites. You can download the file after checking for maximum seeders from those links.

Step 4:

Once you download the torrent file, you have to go to this by clicking it.

Upload the torrent file to upload by clicking on it then click on go.
Then clicking on the Free button, the server will be started to download the file on its site.

Step 5:

your work is almost finished, now it's time to download the file.

Click the download button to download the file directly at a full speed.

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