How to design Poster presentation?

Poster presentation:

Presenting something by a poster is called Poster presentation. The poster may vary due to the presentation topic. But most of the poster looks like this:

The poster contains some points

. After presenting and explaining points, the presenter, Institute, and other info may include in the poster. Then the points should explain. It's good not to let the description lengthy. Just explain the summary of your presentation topic.
There is almost 5 part of a poster:
                     1. Abstract
                     2. Background 
                     3. Method 
                     4. Result 
                     5. Conclusion
The presenter may add more points related to his topic.

The poster also may be written by hand. Which may look like the following one:

The font style, color, poster design fully depends on presenters habit.
There is some example of poster presentation in ppt slide show format. To download those slides, please click here.
For more tips, check this  Pdf guideline.
For more details, ask Google. Because Google knows almost everything.

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