How to use solar panel to recharge battery by electric light?

Sometimes, our solar panel can't gate enough light to recharge the battery. It may for trees, also can happen for the weather. In the rainy season and also in winter, sunlight can't reach to panel enough. So we can help solar panels to produce electricity and get rid of load-shedding.


How do solar panels work?

A solar panel is made up of many small solar cells. Each solar cell uses light to make electricity.
We see electricity at work every day. When a person turns on a lamp, electrons move through the cord and light up the bulb. The flow of electrons is electricity.

The solar cell uses
light to make electrons move. The cell is made up of two different layers that are stuck together. The first layer is loaded with electrons, so the electrons are ready to jump from this layer to the second layer. That second layer has some electrons taken away. It is ready to take in more electrons.
When the light hits an electron in the first layer, the electron jumps to the second layer. That electron makes another electron move, which makes another electron move, and so on. So the light started a flow of electrons or electricity.

What happened when we use electric light?

Simple, the solar cell does the same thing. The light that is sunlight or artificial light is not a fact, it just hits electron and produces electronic flow which is current flow or electricity.


How to place the light at the solar panels?

It is too much easy. This not a fact of how you place a bulb. Just give light to the panel and it will give you electricity.
I used two pipes, three bulbs, a plate to place the bulb holder, and some cable.
So, try it as you can and recharge the battery at night using electric light and solar panel.

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