How to use Eclipse IDE easily and faster? (Eclipse sort-cut)

Some important short-cut for Eclipse :

1. Manage Files and Projects    

Ctrl+N                Create a new project using the Wizard
Ctrl+Alt+nCreate a new project, file, class, etc.
Alt+f, then.Open project, file, etc.
Ctrl+Shift+rOpen Ressource (file, folder or project)
Alt+EnterShow and access file properties
Ctrl+sSave current file
Ctrl+Shift+sSave all files
Ctrl+wClose current file
Ctrl+Shift+wClose all files
F5Refresh content of the selected element with the local file system

2. Editor Window

Focus/ cursor must be in Editor    Window for these to work.
F12   Jump to Editor Window
Ctrl+Page Down/Ctrl+Page  Up  Switch to next editor/switch to the previous editor
Ctrl+m   Maximize or un-maximize current Editor Window
Ctrl+e    Show a list of open Editors. Use arrow keys and enter to switch
Ctrl+F6/Ctrl+Shift+F6 Show a list of open Editors.
Alt+Arrow Left/Alt+Arrow Right Go to previous / go to next Editor Window
Alt+- Open Editor Window Option menu
Ctrl+F10 Show view menu
Ctrl+F10, then n Show or hide line numbers
Ctrl+Shift+q Show or hide the diff column on the left (indicates changes since last save)

3. Navigate in Editor

Home/End  Jump to beginning/jump to the end of indention. Press home twice to   jump to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+Home/End  Jump to beginning/jump to the end of the source
Ctrl+Arrow Right/Arrow Left  Jump one word to the left / one word to the right
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow Up  Jump to previous / jump to next method
Ctrl+l  Jump to Line Number. To hide/show line numbers, press ctrl+F10 and select 'Show Line Numbers'
Ctrl+q  Jump to the last location edited
Ctrl+./Ctrl+,  Jump to next / jump to previous compiler syntax warning or error
Ctrl+Shift+p   With a bracket selected: jump to the matching closing or opening bracket
Ctrl+[+]/Ctrl+- on numeric keyboard  Collapse / Expand current method or class
Ctrl+[/]/Ctrl+* on numeric keyboard  Collapse / Expand all methods or classes
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow Up  Scroll Editor without changing cursor position

 4. Select Text

Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftExpand selection by one character to the left / to the right
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftExpand selection to next/previous word
Shift+Arrow Down/Arrow UpExpand selection by one line down / one line up
Shift+End/HomeExpand selection to end / to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+aSelect all
Alt+Shift+Arrow UpExpand selection to current element (e.g. current one-line expression or content within brackets)
Alt+Shift+Arrow Left/Arrow RightExpand selection to next/previous element
Alt+Shift+Arrow DownReduce previously expanded selection by one step


5. Indention's and Comments 


Tab/Shift+Tab  Increase / decrease indent of selected text
Ctrl+i  Correct indention of selected text or of current line
Ctrl+shift+f  Auto-format all code in Editor using code formatter
Ctrl+/  Comment / uncomment line or selection ( adds '//' )
Ctrl+Shift+/  Add Block Comment around selection ( adds '/... */' )
Ctrl+Shift+\  Remove Block Comment
Alt+Shift+j  Add Element Comment ( adds '/** ... */')


6. Run and Debug


Ctrl+F11          Save and launch the application (run)
F5Step Into function
F6Next step (line by line)
F7Step out
F8Skip to next Breakpoint

7. The Rest

Ctrl+F7/Ctrl+Shift+F7    Switch forward / backward between views (panels). Useful for switching back and forth between Package Explorer and Editor.
Ctrl+F8/Ctrl+Shift+F8Switch forward / backward between perspectives
F1Open Eclipse Help

8. Refactoring

Alt+Shift+r      Rename selected element and all references
Alt+Shift+vMove the selected element to other class or file (With complete method or class selected)
Ctrl+Shift+cChange method signature (with method name selected)
Alt+Shift+mExtract selection to method
Alt+Shift+lExtract local variable: Create and assigns a variable from a selected expression
Alt+Shift+iInline selected local variables, methods, or constants if possible (replaces variable with its declarations/ assignment and puts it directly into the statements)


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