50 very useful shortcut for Windows Run Option

When do we actually use the Windows RUN(Win+R) option?
-Just simply type "tree" and we refresh our computer shortly. That's it.
But I collected some extra very important shortcuts which really helps you to save your time. So, let's fun!  :)

For the calculator, you have to simply type
"calc" in the RUN option & the calculator will appear immediately.
Very useful shortcut given below. Collect these and use them in time.

Add/Remove Programs – appwiz.cpl
Adobe Photoshop (if installed)- photoshop
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard – fsquirt
Calculator – calc

Control Panel – control
Date and Time Properties – timedate.cpl
Firefox (if installed)- firefox
Free Cell Card Game- freecell
Game Controllers- joy.cpl
Help and Support- helpctr
Internet Explorer- iexplore
Pinball Game – pinball
Power Configuration – powercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxes – control printers
Printers Folder – printers
Real Player (if installed)- realplay
Registry Editor – regedit
Remote Access Phonebook – rasphone
Remote Desktop – mstsc
Scanners and Cameras – sticpl.cpl
Scheduled Tasks – control schedtasks
Shuts Down Windows – shutdown
Microsoft Chat – winchat
Microsoft Excel (if installed) – excel
Microsoft Movie Maker – moviemk
Microsoft Paint – mspaint
Microsoft Powerpoint (if installed)- powerpnt
Mouse Properties – control mouse
Mouse Properties – main.cpl
Network Setup Wizard – netsetup.cpl
Notepad – notepad
On Screen Keyboard – osk
Opens AC3 Filter (If Installed) – ac3filter.cpl
Outlook Express – msimn
Paint – pbrush
Keyboard Properties – control keyboard
System Configuration Editor – sysedit
System Configuration Utility – msconfig
System Information – msinfo32.
Task Manager – taskmgr
System Properties – sysdm.cpl
Task Manager – taskmgr
Windows Explorer – explorer
Windows Firewall- firewall.cpl
Windows Magnifier- magnify
Windows Media Player – wmplayer
Windows Messenger – msmsgs
Windows XP Tour Wizard – tourstart
Wordpad – write

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