Art of programming contest pdf free download

Art of programming contest is a pdf ebook which containing c programming, data structure, and algorithm for UVa online judge user.
Art of programming contest pdf free download
Art of programming contest

This book helps you to solve UVa problems more efficiently. Help you to find many kinds of errors. The rules of programming contest, submitting solved solutions, and help to find a better algorithm. Read the book and you will find more things.  

Author’s Biography: 

Ahmed Shamsul Arefin is completing his Masters from Bangladesh University of Engineering &Technology (BUET) and has completed BSc. in Computer Science and Engineering from CUET. He participated in the 2001 ACM Regional Contest in Dhaka, and his team was ranked 10th. He became a contest organizer at Valladolid online judge by arranging the “Rockford Programming Contest 2001” and local Contest at several universities. His Programming Contest Training Website “” has been linked with ACM UVa , USU, and Polish Online Judge – Sphere.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) sponsors a yearly programming contest. Which recently with the sponsorship of IBM.This contest is known as the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

Content of "Art of programming contest" book :

Chapter 1 Fundamental Concepts 14
Chapter 2 Game Plan For a Contest 19
Chapter 3 Programming In C: a Tutorial 27
Chapter 4 Essential Data Structures for Contest 72
Chapter 5 Input/Output Techniques 81
Chapter 6 Brute Force Method 85
Chapter 7 Mathematics 91
Chapter 8 Sorting 106
Chapter 9 Searching 113
Chapter 10 Greedy Algorithms 117
Chapter 11 Dynamic Programming 121
Chapter 12 Graphs 134
Chapter 13 Computational Geometry 172
Chapter 14 Valladolid OJ Problem Category 174
Appendix A ACM Programming Problems 176
Appendix B Common Codes/Routines For Programming 188
Appendix C Standard Template Library (STL) 230
Appendix D PC2 Contest Administration And Team Guide 235
Appendix E Important Websites/Books for ACM Programmers 242

Happy Coding...

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