Different between compiler and IDE

What is a compiler?

A compiler is not IDE

The compiler is a platform or place where we compile our code. This means we write the source code using any programming language, and the compiler translates it into object code, binary code, or computer language. Every high-level language use a compiler to compile source code into computer code which is unique. We all know the computer can't understand our language. So we must make our language understandable to the machine and compiler do this job.

Some examples of the compiler:


 More example...

What is ide?

IDE means Integrated Development Environment. Without a compiler, ide is valueless. ide is q package of some tools like graphical interface, text editor, debugger sometimes containing compiler. It also contains code coverage tools, version management tools, automated help, and documentation tools, graphical resource editors, refactoring wizards, and many, many other useful tools which help us code quickly.

Some example of ide:

Eclipse, NetBeans IDE, Codeblocks, Visual Studio, Bloodshed Dev, etc.

More example... 


A compiler is a part of ide. ide dependent on the compiler. ide only help us to code easily. The compiler converts our codes to machine language. 

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