Increase your c drive space without losing any data

Sometimes we use an extensive program or software or games like far-cry, android studio, etc. So we lost a lot of space in our c drive. The computer becomes slow. So we need to increase some more space in the c drive. If there is some extra space in another drive on your computer, you can simply add the additional space into the c drive.

Increase c drive space without losing data

Step By Step Video demonstration:

There is some way to extend the size of the c drive. But sometimes, we need to use a windows disk or windows disk manager. Sometimes those way causes of losing our important data or documents. So why we would take the risk?
There is a tool that makes this task 10 times easier. Just install the tool for free, need some click, apply, and you got an extra size in your c drive. Click to download the mini-tool, and then just follow the video below.

👉 By following these Computer Hacks, you can easily extend c drive in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
👉 These computer tricks only add extra apace from the other Drive of your computer.
👉 This computer hacks won't delete any of your data. But for safety, please back up your important data.
👉 This computer trick uses software called mini-tool partition wizard

👍 Download Link of mini-tool partition wizard: 

This version of MiniTool Partition Wizard is Free!

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