Find modulus:

At first, the question is what is modulus?
Modulus is the remainder after division of one number by another number. Modulus is also called remainder. For example if we try to divide 5 by 2, we will have some remainder or modulus.
5/2 = 2 and 1 is remainder. Modulus is define by mod.
We can find this remainder easily in c programming. We also can find quotient easily both calculator and using c programming. But sometimes there is no mod button in our scientific calculator. So question is, how to find modulus by simple calculation.

Find the largest number: 

The logic of finding a large number is so easy.
We have to declare some variables and just compare them with each other.
For example, we have 3 number to compare and we have to find the biggest number from them. The logic of comparing 3 number and find the biggest one is pretty simple.
Think, we have number 5, 15 and 10. So we can first compare the first two number with a condition like, is (5 > 15)? If this condition is true, then we will take 5 as the bigger number. But here the condition is not true.
5 is not bigger than 15. So there will be other condition like:

PHP MySql tutorial: part 1

After go through PHP MySql, let's create a form to make our database look better. We will try to create a database using PHP MySql. In which, we can insert some data. It can be student information system.The form will looks like bellow:

Let's create the form which is not really useful for the first time.
I have consider that you know the basic tags of HTML.
Let's do some HTML code then I will explain:

let me explain something. Here we have use some tag in our code.
We have use:
# 1 : <form> ---- </form>  to create a form
# 2 : name = "form" to define name, it could be anything, but it must be similar to the name of the database. For example, if the name of the database is "studentInfo", then the name="studentInfo" is alright.
# 3 : action = "index.php" action is the next task to do.
# 4 : method="POST" mean that, the form data will be posted into the database.
There is two method. One to GET method and another is POST. Get is use to get something and post is use to posting something in a common sense.
# 5 : Then <fieldset> --- </fieldset> use to create a separate field. The <input> --- </input> use to perform the action. We use type as submit which will create a submit button and pass the value to the database.
I hope this article is understandable to learn the first step of PHP MySql. Follow the full tutorial series to learn PHP MySql database.

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Next tutorial ( what is XAMPP and Install XAMPP in computer) coming soon...
If you have any question or suggestion this post( PHP MySql: Creating a form in HTML) , please comment bellow.

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