How to print all even number in c programming (logic)

Print all even numbers in c programming

To print all even numbers from a range in c programming, we have to check all numbers between the given range. To check if the number is odd or even number, we can use the following logic:

If any number is fully divided by 2, then this number is even. Else the number is odd. 
Even and Odd

For example

If we want to check whether the number 5 is odd or even, we need to simply divide the number by 2.
If there is any remainder left or any value of 5 mod 2 left, that means 5 is not divisible by 2. So 5 is an odd number.


So the algorithm becomes.

if(number % 2 == 0){
                  number is even;
else if(number % 2 != 0){
                  number is odd;
[Note: here "%" sign is to calculate mod or remainder of division]

I hope the logical part of "How to print all even numbers in c programming" is clear now. So now time to implement this in c programming. Again now you can "print all odd numbers in c programming."
Don't see the code now. At first, try it yourself and then go to see the code in c programming to print all even numbers.

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  1. But 30 ÷ 2 = 15 leaving no remainder 15 is odd

    1. Here you are checking 30 whether 30 is odd or even. As 30 mod 2 = 0, 30 is even.
      In case of 15, 15 mod 2 != 0, so 15 is odd...

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