How to swap 2 number in programming?

How to swap 2 numbers?

There is two number in two variables. We have to swap the position of the numbers. For example, the

swap 2 number in programming

variable x holding integer value 5 and another variable y holding the integer value 10. Now we have to swap the position of those two numbers.


We can use another temporary variable to store the value of x.

swap 2 number in programming
Swap fig: 01

Now we have a backup copy of the value of x into the temp variable.
So, we can now give the value of y to x.

swap 2 number in programming
Swap fig: 02

Yes, we have done half of our job!! x is now holding the value of y. Now time to assign the value of x into y. Remember, we have saved the value of x into the temp variable in figure 01. So now put the temp value to y.

swap 2 number in programming
Swap fig: 03

Oh yes. Now look...! We have successfully swapped the value of x to y and the importance of y to x.

Now it's time to check what we understand. Write a program to swap two numbers:

[Note: Don't see the code first. Please try yourself] alert-info

Sample Input:

swap 2 number in programming
Sample Input

The program should take input from the user.

Sample Output:

swap 2 number in programming
Sample Output

Don't worry. If you failed, the code is here. Hope you will understand the code easily.

-----Happy Coding-----

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