International Robot Olympiad 2018 Gold winning Project!

International Robot Olympiad 2018 Gold winning Project! Team RoboTigers, From Bangladesh.

There are two leading Olympiad contests on Robotics going on around the world. One is International Robot Olympiad, which is known as (IROC) and the other is World Robot Olympiad, also known as (WRO). Both of the Olympiad organizers arrange a global robotics competition for young kids. They arrange this Robot Olympiad every year in a different member country.

International Robot Olympiad:

Bangladesh participated for the very first time in IROC Robot Olympiad 2018. They did an extraordinary result. They got the gold medal in Creative Category. 

International Robot Olympiad 2018 Gold winning Project
International Robot Olympiad 2018

Here is the one-minute video documentation of their Project:

This is the video Documentation of Serenity Bot by Bangladeshi Team RoboTigers, the gold-winning Robot in the International Robot Olympiad 2018, Philippines.  

This robot was built for water quality measurement in the sea. The robot is a 100% homemade robot with an open-source Arduino platform.

The robot has a GSM module and GPS module on it to send data and its real-time location. The robot can measure the PH level and turbidity of the water. The theme of the International Robot Olympiad 2018 was "Save the Seas". 

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