Hostel Management System Project in C Programming

Hostel Management System Project in C Programming with free source code.

Learning programming languages by practicing and doing new fun projects is helpful. A programmer needs to do small projects like hostel management systems to learn and become an experienced programmer. In this article, we will make a Hostel Management System Project using the C Programming language.

Hostel Management System Project in C Programming

Key Features of the Hostel Management System Project

  1. The program is written in c programming
  2. Users can log in and log out from the program
  3. Enter new Student's data
  4. Update information on an existing account            
  5. Check the details of the existing account
  6. View all Students of a particular Hostel
  7. Removing an existing account
  8. View all Student's list

The Hostel Management System Project is written in C Programming language. This is a console-based project for engineering students to practice and learn to program. In this hostel management system project, users can enter new students, update existing students, remove existing students, view the students' list, and manage the students' payment history in the hostel.

Hostel Management System Project in C Code

The project is done using different custom functions. So that the code becomes easy to understand and easy to customize.

Let's explain the project's code called Hostel Management System Project in C Programming.

The C program has the following functions:

void menu();
void new_entry();
void edit();
void view_list();
void erase();
void see();
void sorter();
void closer();code-box

Main Menu of the project

The menu function shows the main menu. Users can select the options from the menu by typing the number of options. The main menu looks like the following:

Hostel Management System Main Menu

The user can enroll new students, update student information, check student details, view all students in the list, and remove existing students from the list from the main menu. 

The Student List

The Hostel Management System Project shows the list of the students in the hostel by selecting the 6th option from the main menu. The list also provides the student hostel ID, name, address, payment history, and hostel no.

Students list details

The hostel management system has a user authentication system to verify the valid users. 

User Authentication

There is a program loading screen just for UI attraction in the project.

Loading Screen

The project can be customized on demand. There is a group member list template in the program so that the university student can edit the code easily to add their names and varsity id.

Hostel Management System Project for varsity students


To maintain a hostel, a hostel management system is essential. This is a great project to learn to program and solve real-life problems like hostel management. The Hostel Management System Project in C Programming is a genuine problem. The student can easily collect the project's source code and use the code for the class project.

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