How to install Node-RED on Android Phone

Node-RED is a trendy low code open-source programming platform for event-driven projects. It marked IoT project prototyping as easy and time-saving as it covers the most popular communication protocols and custom user interfaces.

install Node-RED on Android Phone
install Node-RED on Android Phone

Node-RED is now available on the Android platform. Through its experimental and based on the Termux platform, it's not come with full support right now.

Download Termux

We can download Termux/download/button/#8B0000 by Fredrik Fornwall from the google play store. Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly without rooting or setup. 

Install Node-RED in Android using Termux

After installing Termux, run, and type the following commands:
apt update
apt upgradecode-box

This will make sure the platform is up to date.

apt install coreutils nano nodejscode-box

npm i -g --unsafe-perm node-redcode-box

This will install nodejs and Node-RED platform on your android device.

Run Node-RED on Android Device

To run Node-RED, simply type


Now browse Node-RED from your browser through http://localhost:1880
You can also browse using the IP address and port number 1880 from any device in the same network.

npm Install

We can npm install any Node-RED node using the command line in Android. For example, we can install the uibuilder node using 

cd ~/.node-red code-box

npm i node-red-contrib-uibuilder code-box

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