Arduino Based Password Protected Door Lock with Keypad

The project is designed to protect the door lock mechanism using a password. It is hard to manage keys and keep them safe from others getting their hands on them. With the help of a microcontroller and keypad, we can set a password that is only known to the user. The door shall open when the correct password is typed and automatically lock after a certain time delay. A buzzer is added to the circuit to ensure the keys of the keypads are pressed properly, which adds a nice touch to our circuit.

Components List for Password Protected Door Lock System:

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. 12V Solenoid
  3. 5V Relay Module
  4. Keypad
  5. Buzzer
  6. 12V Adapter
  7. Jumper Wires

The procedure of the project:

Step 1: Connect the keypad and buzzer to the digital pins of Arduino UNO by seeing the diagram below. 

Step 2: Take 5V input from Arduino and connect to the DC+ pin of the relay. Furthermore, connect the Arduino's ground with the relay's DC- pin. Finally, the A5 pin of the Arduino is connected to the trigger pin IN of the relay.

Step 3: The positive wire from the 12V adapter is connected to the NO pin of the relay while the ground is shorted with the negative wire of the solenoid lock. The positive wire of the solenoid is connected to the COM pin of the relay. 

- When IN is a LOW-level signal, the NO does not connect with COM; hence solenoid stays locked.

- When IN is a HIGH-level signal, the NO connects with COM, and the solenoid is activated, making it unlock.

Step 4: Connect the Arduino UNO board to the pc and upload the given code below in the Arduino IDE. In the code, you can change the password as you like. Now Power on your adapter and press the password. Now you have your very own password-protected door lock.

Circuit diagram:

The following circuit diagram explains the connection of the Password Protected Door Lock system.

Arduino Based Password Protected Door Lock with Keypad and Buzzer
Circuit Diagram of Door Lock and Security System

Arduino Code for Door Lock System:

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