Where is the Marble? 

Raju and Meena love to play with Marbles. They have got a lot of marbles with numbers written on them. At the beginning, Raju would place the marbles one after another in ascending order of the
numbers written on them. Then Meena would ask Raju to find the first marble with a certain number. She would count 1...2...3. Raju gets one point for correct answer, and Meena gets the point if Raju fails. After some fixed number of trials the game ends and the player with maximum points wins. Today it's your chance to play as Raju. Being the smart kid, you'd be taking the favor of a computer. But don't underestimate Meena, she had written a program

What to do ?

Some times we see our friends PC Facebook homepage like this :

Here the passwords are hidden
. So let's know how to show the hidden password.
Just move the mouse pointer in the password box and then click on right button. You will have option bar like following. Just click on "Inspect Element ( Q )" button. 

Sometimes, our solar panel can't gate enough light to recharge battery. It may for trees , also can happened for weather. In rainy season and also in winter , sunlight can't reach to panel enough. So we can help solar panel to produce electricity and get rid of from load-shedding.


How do solar panels work?

A solar panel is made up of many small solar cells. Each solar cell uses light to make electricity.
We see electricity at work every day. When a person turns on a lamp, electrons move through the cord and light up the bulb. That flow of electrons is electricity.

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