How to install Ubuntu any version alongside windows without losing data!

Ubuntu Dual Boot

How to install Ubuntu any version alongside any windows, like Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, etc.

Sometimes, we may want to experience a new OS and Ubuntu is a really great choice for this. Ubuntu is a super light and fast operating system and you don't need to pay for this. If you wish to use both windows and ubuntu at the same time on the same computer, this article is for you.

Downloading Ubuntu Latest long-term support releases (LTS):

So, we have to download ubuntu first. Go to and search for ubuntu. downloading ubuntu Click on the download button and download any LTS version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu LTS

Boot Ubuntu in USB Pendrive:

Then insert USB Pendrive to boot Ubuntu OS. Formate the USB Drive and extract the .iso file into the Pendrive. In the meantime, free and formate one of your drive for Ubuntu. Be sure of backup your data in other drives. Do not formate C Drive or the drive where your windows installed. Now reboot your computer and go to the boot menu by pressing f2/ f10/ f12/ Del button depending on your computer BIOS boot menu key. Then from the boot menu, select the installation media, in this cause your Pendrive.