Increase your c drive space without losing any data!

Sometimes we use a big program or software or games like far-cry, android studio, etc. So we lost much space in our c drive. The computer becomes slow. So we need to increase some more space in the c drive. If there is some extra space in another drive in your computer, you can simply add the additional space into the c drive.

Step By Step Video:

There is some way to extend the size of c drive. But sometimes we need to use windows disk or windows disk manager. Sometimes those way causes of losing our important data or documents. So why we would take the risk?
There is a tool which makes this task 10 times easier. Just install the tool for free, need some click,

What is SQL?

SQL stands for STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE. We can communicate with database through SQL,  a standard language for database.

How to create a TABLE?

Syntax: CREATE TABLE table_name
column_one_name  type,
column_two_name  type,
column_three_name  type,
column_n_name    type     <----------------------- Don't use comma here.
);    <-------------------Here is semicolon.
Here n=1, 2, 3, 4, ---------------------------------

Diffie Hellman algorithm is a public-key algorithm used to establish a shared secret that can be used for secret communications while exchanging data over a public network

It is primarily used as a method of exchanging cryptography keys for use in symmetric encryption algorithms. It was Proposed in 1976 by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman. Diffie-Hellman is currently used in many protocols like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Shell (SSH), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

RSA algorithm is mainly a public key encryption technique used widely in network communication like in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for securing sensitive data, particularly when being sent over an insecure network such as the Internet.

RSA algorithm was first described in 1977 by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In a cryptosystem, the system needs to make sure that nobody, except the intended recipient, deciphers the message, the people involved had to strive to keep the key secret. In public key encryption technique, a key is split into two keys and they are called as public and private keys. A public key is advertised to the world and the private key is kept secret. It is not possible to generate a private key using the public key. So, someone who knows the public key cannot decrypt a message after it has been encrypted using the public key.

 Star printing program in Java: pattern 7

Code for this pattern:
import java.util.Scanner;

public class star {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
         int i, j, k;
                    System.out.print("  ");
                    System.out.print("  ");


Try this in C.

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How to install Ubuntu 14.04.2 alongside Windows 8.1, which is an open source Operating system. So change your computer and get a new look.... :) Ubuntu is different from windows. So the installation process is also different. In this video, I tried to show the installation process of Ubuntu from downloading Ubuntu to Install Ubuntu alongside windows. Which means we will use Ubuntu and windows in one computer. Just follow the steps. If you face any problem, please leave a comment. I will try to solve it.

 Just follow the video :

What is adder? Explain both of the adder (Half & Full) with proper circuit diagram and truth table.
Adder: Component of a computer processor that adds two numbers sent from the processing instructions. Adders are use not only for arithmetic logic units, but also in the other parts of the processor. They may use for calculating table index, address and many other logical work. Adders can be constructed for many numerical representation, such as binary-coded decimal or exces-3, the most common adders operate on binary numbers.
There are two types of adders:
  1. Half adder
  2. Full adder

At first let me discuss about the definition of microcomputer:

Microcomputer is a computer which is processor level computer, containing memory, and input/output (I/O) facilities. It also contains microprocessor (a central processing unit on a microchip), memory in the form of read-only memory and random access memory, I/O ports and a bus or system of interconnecting wires, housed in a unit that is usually called a motherboard.
Early microcomputer also known as personal computer:

Bucket Sort:

Like as Quick sort and insertion sort, there is another sort called Bucket sort. Bucket sort assumes that the input is drawn from a uniform distribution. Bucket sort runs in linear time on the average which is 0(n). It assumes that the input is generated by a random process that distributes elements uniformly over the interval [0, 1].

Bucket sort works as follows:

  •     Set up an array of initially empty buckets
  •     Go over the original array, putting each object in its bucket.
  •     Sort each non-empty bucket.
  •     Visit the buckets in order and put all elements back into the original array.
Suppose we need to sort an array of positive integers.
A= {3,4,11,0,2,8,5,9,1,5,6,2,8,0,2,4,1,3,10,4,7,9}.
A bucket sort works as follows: create an array of size 11. Then, go through the input array and place integer 3 into a second array at index 3, integer 11 at index 11 and so on. We will end up with a sorted list in the second array.
We start with an array of 11 counters set to zero.

Array A:

Moving through the array we increment counters:

Array B:

Next, we simply read off the number of each occurrence :


The code of Bucket sort in C is given below:


Output Screen
We can say Bucket sort is asymptotically fast (O(n) when distribution is uniform) . It is a simple to code and good for a rough sort.

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Radix sort in an intuitive non-comparative integer title sorting algorithm Radix sort puts the elements in order by comparing the individual digits of the numbers which share the same significant position and value. Radix sort processes the digits either by Least Significant Digit (LSD) method or by Most Significant Digit (MSD) method.

The algorithm of Radix sort follows the following pattern :

Let's try to print some of the following pattern in java:

We can play with * and print them in many ways, many style. Let's see some awesome pattern of stars and try to do this by computer.
At first try yourself, then go to see code.
Pattern 1:

Code for this above pattern in Java.                                      Code for this above pattern in C.

What is stack in C programming ?

Stack is one kinds of data structure in which you can push something and pop them reverse order. So the last added item is the first item we can remove. This is also called LIFO (last in first out) operation.
When we add item in stack, it's called push operation. When we remove item from stack, is called pop operation.
Hope the following example make this clear :
Push and Pop operation

Push and pop operation in C language

What is a function in C programming?

Function is like some task defined in a group of instruction. If we call the function, it's do something for us and sometimes return something.
For example, let's think about a factory which input some Raw material and process it, then give us some output. Like as a blending machine. We input water, ice, sugar, lemon and output is lemon juice.
In a function, there is some instruction and when we call it, ti give us some result according to the instruction.
Every c program must have at-least one function called main function looks like main(). There are many library functions in C, like as printf ( ); scanf( ); etc. Again we can write functions our-self.

Basic structure of a function:

What is compiler ?

Compiler is not IDE
Compiler is a platform or a place in which we compile our code. Which means, we write the source code using any programming language and compiler translate it into object code or binary code or computer language. Every high level language use a compiler to compile source code into computer code which is unique. We all know computer can't understand our language. So we must make our language understandable to machine and compiler do this job.

Some example of Compiler:

Install and configure jdk (Java Development Kit): 


Why should we configure jdk ?

Java is platform independent language, which means same java code or application able to run every platform like windows, linax, mac etc.
Again, Java is not machine language. It's a high level language. So java can't execute directly by machine. It's execute by java run time environment. So we have to configure jdk with platform. We have to link the environment path to jdk.
We can's use eclipse or any ide for java without jdk.

WordPress is one of the magnificent open source web software that you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. In the beginning days of WordPress, there were some horrible problems with the way how themes were developed and maintained. There was no good way of upgrading WordPress themes without losing all the custom styling options. There was no way to prevent copying and
WordPress Logo
pasting of the same functionality code in all themes. But now, Creating custom WordPress themes is exceptionally instinctive and relatively easy using WordPress application programming interface(API).

If you’re going to design a WordPress site, there are a few ways you can start :
  • Start with an HTML template & then add WordPress code. 
  • Start with the basic WordPress code and design around that. 
  • Start with a starter theme or framework.

A differential equation (D.E.) of the form dy/dx= f (x, y) and an initial condition (x0,y0), we would like to a find function y = f (x) that satisfies the D.E. and passes through the point (x0,y0). In some cases, one can identify the general solution to the D.E. by inspection or using methods such as separation of variables and integration. But sometimes, either we don’t have the analytic tools in our tool bag to solve the D.E. or an analytic solution is not possible.That’s when we need a numerical method for solving the D.E. One such method is Euler’s Method.

In computer science we use dynamic programming for solving complex problem. A good example for dynamic programming is longest common subsequence.   
Dynamic programming is a method for solving a complex problem by breaking it down into a collection of simpler subproblems. It is applicable to problems exhibiting the properties of overlapping subproblems and optimal substructure. Sometimes the subproblems are not independent, that is when sub-problems share subsubproblems. Dynamic programming algorithm solves every sub-problem just once and then saves its answer in a table.  

Fibonacci implementation

The Fibonacci Sequence is the series of numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ... The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it. The 2 is found by adding the two numbers
before it (1+1) Similarly, the 3 is found by adding the two numbers before it (1+2), And the 5 is (2+3), and so on! The first two numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are either 1 and 1, or 0 and 1, depending on the chosen starting point of the sequence, and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. It is an interesting series and we all know it very well. But how many of us use it in our practical life??? Now try to solve a problem by implementing fibonacci series..
The UVa problem link.
Let's see some easy ACM problems.

Happy coding...

How to Add two big number using string:

It's easy to add two numbers in any programming language. For example, if int a = 2; int b = 3, then we just add a + b . Now if we try to add two numbers each having 100 digits like 10000000000000000000000000000000000...., what should we do ?

There is no data type to hold 100 digit in a variable. So what can we do ? The process is to take input as string. Then we can add those numbers.
For example:

How to print stars pattern ( * ) in C programming ?

We can play with * and print them in many ways, many style. Let's see some awesome pattern of stars and try to do this by computer.
At first try yourself, then go to see code.

Pattern 1:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 2:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 3:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 4:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 5:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 6:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 7:

Code for this above pattern.

Pattern 8:

Code for this above pattern.

Try print star in java programming.

Happy coding...

In computer science, we use a group of nodes to represent a sequence data. It's a data structure operation. Link list is a way of storing data in a sequence and use those data easily. This allow us to pick or delete data in a specific location of list.

Linked List operation

Link List:

  1. Singly Link List 
  2. Doubly Link List
  3. Circular Link List

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